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The Australia and New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group (ANZBCTG) conducts an independent, collaborative breast cancer clinical trials research program to save lives from breast cancer.
Clinical trials identify new, safe and effective treatments and treatment strategies for those diagnosed with breast cancer and prevention strategies for all, particularly for women at increased risk. 
We work with researchers throughout Australia, New Zealand and globally to pool resources, avoid duplication, share knowledge and achieve research progress faster for the benefit of all women.
The Breast Cancer Institute of Australia (BCIA) is the fundraising and education department of the ANZBCTG.  Ongoing support for clinical trials research is essential for progress - results can be achieved more quickly, when more funding is available.  
Our aim is to eradicate all suffering from breast cancer and achieve the ultimate goal of “a world without breast cancer.”


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As they say, a world without cancer would be the best one of all!! Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there!! xx
My mother passed away in July 2013. This is my first Mother's Day without her. Even though I can't physically give her a present, this donation sounded perfect.
My older sister was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 weeks ago, my aunt has got it back and a friend has just had a mastectomy. We need a cure!!!!!!
I have supported this wonderful cause since I was diagnosed almost 8 years ago. Since then my mother and mother-in-law have both had breast cancer.
This is so important. My husband lost both of his sisters to breast cancer, and there are so many lives this affects.
My mum has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and is taking part in a trial. I can see first-hand that every cent counts.
I just found out my mother has breast cancer. A harsh reality check that it can happen to people that you know!
This is a deserving and wonderful cause, just as much as our mothers are to us. Thanks Mum!!
My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. I wish all the very best to everyone out there who has been touched by breast cancer. Mat
A friend of mine passed away leaving behind three beautiful daughters aged 2, 5 and 8. I think of them every Mother's Day and this is my way of remembering her.
For my loved ones. xox
So many people are affected every day with breast cancer and if I can help support people going through it then it's the least I can do.
I chose to support this as my mother battled this 16 years ago & is now battling again. Love you mum, Lizzyxxx
Happy Mothers Day Mum, I miss you every day xx
There has been a lot of sadness with my close friends with other sorts of cancer and it would be nice if just one of those cancers were abolished.
Great to celebrate Mother's Day this way.
I support this appeal because my nunna had breast cancer and lost her breast over 25 years ago. We have come a long way with research.
I am sending love and support to everyone affected by breast cancer in memory of my Mum Janita xx
I chose to support the Mother's Day Research Appeal because I was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. Funding for research in vital.
I have great admiration for mothers who are trying to raise a family whilst enduring their cancer treatment.
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