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Breast Cancer Australia

Research for a World Without Breast Cancer

The Australia and New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group (ANZBCTG) conducts an independent, collaborative breast cancer clinical trials research program to save lives from breast cancer.
Clinical trials identify new, safe and effective treatments and treatment strategies for those diagnosed with breast cancer and prevention strategies for all, particularly for women at increased risk. 
We work with researchers throughout Australia, New Zealand and globally to pool resources, avoid duplication, share knowledge and achieve research progress faster for the benefit of all women.
The Breast Cancer Institute of Australia (BCIA) is the fundraising and education department of the ANZBCTG.  Ongoing support for clinical trials research is essential for progress - results can be achieved more quickly, when more funding is available.  
Our aim is to eradicate all suffering from breast cancer and achieve the ultimate goal of “a world without breast cancer.”

Recent Breast Cancer Research News

Breast Cancer Researcher Receives States Top Honours 11/08/2015
Professor John Forbes AM has received the 2015 NSW Premier's Award for Outstanding Cancer Researcher of the Year. more...
ANZBCTG Awards Presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting in Perth, Western Australia 24/07/2015
Members of the Australia and New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group (ANZBCTG), and researchers involved in breast cancer clinical trials research, were recognised during the ANZBCTG's 37th Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) in Perth, Western Australia. more...
Perth Hosts International Breast Cancer Conference 20/07/2015
Perth in Western Australia will host the Australia and New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group's (ANZBCTG) 37th Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) from 22-24 July 2015. more...

Breast Cancer Australia
Breast Cancer Australia
Breast Cancer Australia
Breast Cancer Australia

Messages from our breast cancer research supporters

  • Lindsay
    I have friends with breast cancer, one who sadly passed away.
  • Robyn
    Wishing Ingrid a wonderful 70th, thinking of you....Love Robyn xxx
  • Jennifer
    Today I joined the regular giving program as I believe it is important for BCIA to have a committed regular donation stream when allocating funds.
  • Susanne
    I lost my lovely Granny to breast cancer in 1988. I was diagnosed in 2009, and a few years ago my cousin had her own battle with breast cancer.
  • Janise
    A dear friend died on 4 August after battling breast cancer for 36 years. Her positive attitude was inspirational to all who knew her.
  • Angela
    Want to help create a breast cancer free world for my daughter and her daughter and many other girls.
  • Sharon
    A co-worker had a lump removed today & this seemed like a way I could help.
  • Eileen
    The amount one can donate may not be large, but it all helps.
  • Nerine
    In memory of my dear grandmother, the beautiful Mrs Alice Ireland, and her mother and my great-grandmother, Grandma Gregson.
  • Julie
    I am a survivor of breast cancer (14 yrs). I have 2 daughters and 8 grand daughters, and I believe research into this disease is very important.
  • Petrushka
    To honour Dr Lucinda May Jordan 1978-2015
  • Anna
    A donation for our friends beloved cousin Angela Capaldo.
  • Karen
    My mother has been living with recurring breast cancer for a couple of years now and has had wonderful support from her breast care nurse and surgeon.
  • Fatima
    It's simple - let's make the lives of women a little better.
  • John
    Our group has several members whose wives/partners/relatives/friends have had breast cancer and we wanted to support research into this condition.
Breast Cancer Australia