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Breast Cancer Australia

Research for a World Without Breast Cancer

The Australia and New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group (ANZBCTG) conducts an independent, collaborative breast cancer clinical trials research program to save lives from breast cancer.
Clinical trials identify new, safe and effective treatments and treatment strategies for those diagnosed with breast cancer and prevention strategies for all, particularly for women at increased risk. 
We work with researchers throughout Australia, New Zealand and globally to pool resources, avoid duplication, share knowledge and achieve research progress faster for the benefit of all women.
The Breast Cancer Institute of Australia (BCIA) is the fundraising and education department of the ANZBCTG.  Ongoing support for clinical trials research is essential for progress - results can be achieved more quickly, when more funding is available.  
Our aim is to eradicate all suffering from breast cancer and achieve the ultimate goal of “a world without breast cancer.”

Recent Breast Cancer Research News

Unique Pharmaceutical Company Funding Model To Provide Welcome Support to Breast Cancer Research 25/11/2015
The launch today of the first "for-benefit" pharmaceutical company in Australia, will be provide 100% of profits to breast cancer research and support services. more...
Innovative Breast Cancer Clinical Trials Receive NHMRC Grant Support 13/11/2015
Three innovative breast cancer clinical trials have received more than $4.8 million in funding in the latest round of the 2015 National Health and Medical Research Council grants. more...
Buy a diary this October and provide hope to women with breast cancer 22/10/2015
This October, the Breast Cancer Institute of Australia is urging all Australian's to support research for a world without breast cancer by buying a 2016 Australian Women's Health Diary more...

Breast Cancer Australia
Breast Cancer Australia
Breast Cancer Australia

Please help us reach our target this Christmas

Breast Cancer Australia
  • Lucy
    Mum <3 xo
  • and Mrs Noel and Lee
    We have been regular donors for some years, and believe support is warranted.
  • Dorothy
    In loving memory of our dear sister Vera who died 5 years ago after suffering with breast cancer.
  • virginia
    Merry Christmas to all breast cancer fighters, past and present.
  • Shirley
    I have several close friends who have experienced breast cancer but are alive today due to research - well worth supporting.
  • Julie
    For all that have suffered, have recovered.
  • Sandra
    My two sisters are breast cancer survivors. I also work in a hospice & see the devastating effects of those many women who don't survive.
  • Sandra
    To contribute and help even in a small way.
  • Angela
    I want to assist in making my daughters' and grand daughters generations cancer free.
  • Todd
    Dave Porter, legend, raising money for this cause, and he runs like Semi Radradra at the finish line in all marathons. Great work Dave!
  • Odile
    I am fortunate enough to survive breast cancer. 1986 was the year, but look at the year now! Thanks to my special family and medical staff.
  • Samantha
    Losing family/friends to cancer is a traumatic experience for all and I wish that no one suffers from this terrible disease anymore.
  • Max
    Every donation will make a difference
  • Robyn
    A contribution from Kirrawee P.S. staff in memory of our family members.
  • Yelena
    To help save more lives from breast cancer and wish everyone a Happy Christmas!
  • Jennifer
    At Christmas Time our family selects a worth while cause to give money to so we can help others, instead of giving gifts to each other. Merry Christmas to all
  • Laura
    I support BCIA because I have known a few women who have passed away as a result of breast cancer.
  • George
    So far my family has been fortunate enough not to have been affected by breast cancer but many everyday people are, so this small donation will assist.
  • Beverley
    This donation is the result of a small plant sale held by the volunteers workers from the Morwell Centenary Rose Garden.
  • Robyn
    I, too, would like to see a world without breast cancer and I also wish for peace on earth and goodwill to all.
Breast Cancer Australia