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Christmas Donation to Breast Cancer Research

Emma spent last Christmas Day in hospital separated from her beloved four year old daughter Amelia. Emma had been diagnosed with breast cancer a few months before and was undergoing treatment. Unfortunately her chemotherapy treatment took a turn for the worse and she was hospitalised for two and a half weeks.

The time spent apart was particularly difficult for both Emma and Amelia as Amelia has Down syndrome and global development delay. Emma is also a single mum.

A friend who was taking care of Amelia brought her in to visit Emma in hospital for a short time on Christmas Day. They tried to make the best of it, opening presents on the hospital bed and playing games.

For some families this Christmas will be very different from the joyous occasions they have experienced in the past. They may be missing a loved one who they’ve sadly lost to breast cancer, or they may be separated from their loved ones because of treatment, just like Emma was last year.

Please help to raise $400,000 this Christmas and keep families together.

Your donation can help more people like Emma and Amelia and the many others who have been touched by breast cancer.

Emma's story

Emma immigrated to Australia 20 years ago. Her family all remain in the United Kingdom. But despite being on her own Emma was coping as best she could as a single mum and carer, as many people do.

Emma found a lump in her breast one day in the shower. She put off going to see her doctor as she was moving house. Six weeks later after a whirlwind of tests Emma was diagnosed with hormone-sensitive breast cancer at the age of 48.

Her reaction on hearing the news was probably a little different to most people.

“My first thought was – I don’t have time for this! I wasn’t scared or worried. I was just overwhelmed. How was I going to fit this into my already complicated life?” said Emma.

It’s hard to explain to a four year old child what’s happening to their mummy.

“Amelia had no understanding of what was going on with me. She was confused as to why I was lying down a lot and very upset that I had no hair” said Emma. “I had to do something.”

So Emma bought some brightly coloured wigs and would wear them everywhere, every day, so that Amelia wouldn’t be scared.

“I grew quite attached to the pink one! I went out most of the time with my pink wig which got some odd looks, but I didn’t care because Amelia was happy,” said Emma. “Sometimes she wore one too just to be like mummy.”

A mother’s love knows no bounds when it comes to reassuring her child.

Emma is now doing well. She’s finished her treatment and is taking a hormonal treatment to prevent breast cancer recurrence.

This year, she can’t wait to be home with Amelia so that she has the special Christmas experience every child deserves.

You can help keep families together at Christmas, and on every day of the year. Please donate to breast cancer clinical trials research today .