Breast Cancer Australia


Your donation makes our research possible.

Every donation received, no matter the size, supports people diagnosed with or at risk of breast cancer and their families.

By supporting breast cancer clinical trials research, you are helping to ensure:

  • Continuity and surety in the long term planning of breast cancer clinical trials research which will save lives and help to prevent breast cancer.
  • New research discoveries are taken from the laboratory to the clinic for evaluation in clinical trials at the earliest opportunity.
  • Answers to important research questions will come more quickly and with greater certainty, resulting in new and more effective treatments and treatment approaches being translated into best practice for the benefit of all those diagnosed or at risk.
  • The opportunity for more people to participate in breast cancer clinical trials.
  • Potential to reduce the terrible burden of indirect costs of breast cancer for people affected and the community.
  • Greater certainty for the duration of ANZBCTG clinical trials.
  • Australia, through the ANZBCTG, can remain at the forefront of international research progress and can continue to influence standards of health care for women throughout the world.

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