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Breast Cancer Institute of Australia

The Breast Cancer Institute of Australia (BCIA) was established in 1994 as the fundraising and education department of the Australia and New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group (ANZBCTG).

As a breast cancer charity, the BCIA seeks corporate and public support for the ANZBCTG research program through the conduct of a number of national fundraising activities and programs.

Thankfully, more women survive breast cancer today than ever before. The 30% fall in deaths from breast cancer seen in the last 20 years is largely a result of clinical trials research identifying new and effective treatments and treatment strategies.

Clinical trials are the only scientifically valid way to test the safety and benefit of new treatments, treatment strategies and prevention strategies before they are made widely available.

Clinical trials may take several years to complete, but they are completed more quickly when more resources are available.

We rely on the generosity of the community and the corporate sector to meet the costs of maintaining our current clinical trials; development, planning and commencement costs for important, new clinical trials; and to help support the essential infrastructure required to conduct a collaborative research program involving over 700 researchers and 86 institutions throughout Australia and New Zealand. Click here for more information on how the charity funds we raise are used.

The BCIA and the ANZBCTG are licensed to fundraise in each State and Territory of Australia.